The fittest do not merely survive, they thrive. Training body, mind, and spirit.

Fit philosophy: Live responsibly.

Created by Jessica and Evan Thomsen, this is our fit philosophy. We believe that both body and mind work better when they cooperate and recognize their equal value and interdependence. This is true for individuals, communities, and nations.

But don’t let the problems with your neighbor or your country serve as an excuse for not developing yourself.

As those who do not train the body cannot perform the functions proper to the body, so those who do not train the soul cannot perform the functions of the soul. – Socrates

Your body and mind are a representation of the philosophy that you are living – whether you choose this or not; whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Why not make it a choice? Why not make it conscious?

It is here where the idea of fitness, in all aspects of living, has little to do with mere survival. To be fit is to thrive.

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